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Queensland Heat Health Community of Practice

A professional working group focused on increasing awareness, investment and uptake of heat adaptation policy across Queensland.

Building a Heat Resilient QLD

With temperatures rising across the globe, the need to adapt our communities to a warmer world is both urgent and essential. Recognising this, the Queensland’s Heat Health Community of Practice (QHHCoP) recently spent an insightful afternoon focused on the latest research, practical strategies, and innovative solutions around heat adaptation. As the QHHCoP’s 4th event since its establishment in 2022, the “Building a Heat Resilient Queensland” event brought together a range experts, practitioners, and stakeholders across the state to discuss the need for building heat resilience in Queensland, illuminating any barriers and envisioning ways to get there by 2033.

Our esteemed speakers included:

  • Prof Brendan Mackey, Climate Action Beacon Director and Coordinating Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Working Group II
  • Ian Thompson, Acting/Inspector-General of Emergency Management
  • Liza Neil, Moreton Bay Regional Council Principal Architect
  • Mark Stephens, Stockland Senior Environment and Community Development Manager
  • Joel Dignam, Executive Director, Better Renting

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